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At Tree Craft Ltd we cover all aspects of tree surgery from hedge trimming to tree felling. We also offer a range of gardening work including shrub pruning and tree planting. To find out more information about any our services click below.

Pruning of major deadwood from the crown of the tree; for safety and/or aesthetics
This involves the removal of smaller branches within the canopy, in order to decrease the overall crown density. This is ideal for allowing increased light penetration through the crown. A crown thin should involve the removal of branches evenly throughout the canopy: this is usually expressed as a percentage ( as a guide only )
The removal of lower branches ( either whole limbs, or secondary branches ). This is usually carried out in order to give clearance to property/traffic etc. or to allow more light to enter beneath the crown.
The shortening of branches throughout the crown in order to reduce the overall crown area. This should be expressed in linear metres. Where possible, we will specify a crown reduction which would allow the retention of strong growth points, leaving a “natural” looking crown. More severe reductions are appropriate in certain circumstances but are not ‘best practice’ in most situations because they can harm the health of the tree and leave it looking unsightly.
Tree removal of a tree in sections. Usually carried out by a climber using a rope and harness system, but sometimes using a platform (“cherry picker”). This allows trees to be removed in confined spaces or where the tree is too decayed to climb; using lowering equipment where necessary.
The removal of a tree by cutting from ground level (where space allows). The tree is de-limbed and cross cut for removal from site once on the ground.
The inspection of individual trees, or groups of trees for defects/hazards which could result in damage to property or persons. A good survey will take into account the tree species, location and surrounding land use to provide a cost efficient action plan.
The stump grinder reduces the tree stump to a pile of wood chips mixed with the soil. It removes the stump together with major supporting roots directly adjacent to the stump; other roots will remain within the soil. Arising debris will usually be left in situ unless otherwise agreed.
We can provide advice on tree species selection; supply trees and plant them to a standard which will help to ensure that they thrive.
We can help you to get the best from your woodland, both for bio-diversity/species conservation and provision of a sustainable resource.
Taming of unruly hedges or manicuring of well maintained hedges.
Pruning of shrubs to shape, improve flowering or to rejuvenate overgrown specimens.
As well as providing a free no obligation quote Tree Craft will also arrange all necessary permissions; such as Tree Preservation orders ( TPO’S ); Conservation areas and felling licences.
We also supply split seasoned hardwood logs. To find out more view our firewood website at
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