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Why You Shouldn’t Cut a Tree Without Professional Help

Perhaps you want to save money, or believe you can get the job done by yourself. However, tree work is often more complicated than it looks. It is often dangerous and requires specialist skills and equipment. To avoid risking a serious injury from faulty equipment or falling branches, it is important to consider the many risks of DIY tree work.

Your tools may be faulty

Sometimes people do not realise their tools are faulty before it is too late. Some people even use entirely the wrong tool when attempting to cut their tree! Something as subtle as a dull chainsaw is a serious risk factor and can cause a serious injury. In addition to this, the usage of improper tools can be harmful to your tree as well as you, especially if you do not intend to remove your tree completely. It is also very expensive to purchase the correct tools and safety equipment, and you might only use them once, so hiring a professional often saves both money and time.

You might not have sufficient knowledge

Tree specialists do not just cut trees. They actually have a lot of specialist knowledge about tree physics and biology, as this is essential to cutting the tree correctly. Cutting your tree wherever seems appropriate is quite dangerous, as it is easy to underestimate how heavy a branch is, for example. Tree surgeons have years of experience in cutting trees in a way that ensures the safety of both humans and trees, so it is not worth the risk!

You may not be doing what is best for the tree

If you do not intend to cut down your tree completely, you might risk killing the tree if cut incorrectly. Tree specialists not only have all the knowledge required to prevent this, but they can also see things from a new perspective, meaning there may be more options for your tree than you originally thought.

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